About Catch'em Young

CTY is a platform to support entrepreneurs to raise capital by backing them up throughout their entrepreneurial journey. It will help them to develop their product/ideas to a marketable product with the help of mentors. They will be provided with services of accounting & ROC compliance with the help of a dedicated CA firm, legal documentation with the help of a renowned law firm, writing info memo & financial model with the help of experts. The information flow and processes will be managed through our website so that start-up is ready for due diligence as and when it wants to approach the Investors. With a set of quality conscious investors, we will be able to help the Entrepreneurs to raise the growth capital.

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About Founder

Atharv is a Computer Engineering Student. He believes that with the support of the Mentors and Investors the Venture can grow at a faster pace.


"Arise! Awake! And Stop not Till the goal is reached."

-Swami Vivekananda.

Building a business requires the help of other people. It is an active process involving connections, bonding, and collaboration; working together, we build a newer and richer mutual understanding.

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts, and more successful than lone rangers". You are as good as your team. We always say surround yourself with brilliant people with diverse perspectives, but what good is it if you do not organize them in a way that facilitates accomplishing the common goal?

“A smart business owner learns from the mistakes of others.”

-Andrena Sawyer

You need good people around to support and guide at the right time. Let us work together to make your venture a grand Success.


“Millennials don't want to be managed, they like to be led, coached and mentored. This generation is on fire and ready to go. Are you ready to change the world?"

-Farshad Asl

“Today, the lines between mentoring and networking are blurring. Welcome to the world of mentworking.”

-Julie Winkle Giulioni

You have a rich experience, support & guide the brilliant minds with fire in their belly to achieve their dreams. For a win-win business association, let us join hands.


“Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.”

CTY, through its rigorous processes will do it for you. We have mentors who will give appropriate guidance to the entrepreneur and advisors who will assist with the right documentation. CTY will keep you updated about the status of your investee venture on your dedicated page on the website.

To get a first- hand access to select few investment opportunities, Let us join hands.